Custom Castings

Tough, resilient NorthaneTM custom cast polyurethane products can offer tremendous value and cost saving potential.

Cast parts can be made to tight tolerances, with very little waste. A broad range of hardnesses and colors are available, as are self-lubricating materials in our 75DM.

NorthaneTM parts can be finish-cast, final machined, or manufactured with embedded fasteners. We can also cast over or into your metal components to provide a softer contact surface.

Applications range from small agricultural hose holders through to large air seeder metering plates. Softer materials can make bumpers, rollers, tube couplers, and shock-absorbing pads.

Northern Plastics offers in-house mold design and production. Our experienced staff and well equipped CNC machine shop can assist with design, prototypes, and production to solve your parts or maintenance issues.

Contact Northern Plastics today for the products and applications that are right for you.