NorthaneTM polyurethane sheet is super-tough and abrasion resistant. It stands up to some of the most demanding applications, from aggregate chute liners to shock pads.

Polyurethane is oil and solvent resistant and performs well from -80 F to +200 F.

NorthaneTM sheet is stocked in two types:

  • 90A (Blue) for high-impact applications where flexibility is key. Typical uses include liners, bumpers, and shock pads.
  • 75DS (Orange) where a harder, slipperier material is needed. This durable material is often used for wearstrips or liners.

Custom-cast NorthaneTM sheet is also available in hardnesses from 60A to 75D, and a range of colors to suit your application. (minimum orders may apply)

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Features & Benefits – 90A:

  • Higher friction coefficient
  • High Impact Strength
  • Excellent stretch properties
  • Gentle on product

Features & Benefits – 75DS:

  • Low friction coefficient
  • Easy to machine
  • Pulp Friendly