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Credit Application

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Note: Please do not use company/personal references with which your company has any affiliation, or have a "non-arms length" relationship with. Fax numbers and email addresses are required for references. Thank You.

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The above information is for the purpose of obtaining credit and is warranted to be true. I am aware of Northern Plastics Ltd. credit terms of Net 30 days, and agree to pay all invoices within this time, or as otherwise expressly agreed. I am a legal, bonafide representative of the business applying for credit, and am fully authorized to enter into this agreement on their behalf.

I hereby authorize the person or firm to whom this application is submitted to obtain such credit reports or other information as may be deemed necessary in connection with the establishment and maintenance of a credit account or for any other direct business requirements. This information is provided in confidence to Northern Plastics Ltd. for the purpose of granting the above request for credit.