UHMW Fabricating & Machining

The unique properties of Northex TM Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW - PE) combine to make it one of the most versatile and resilient products on the market. Northex TM is available in a variety of product configurations for virtually any industrial application It can be easily machined to suit a specific application. Northern Plastics offers advanced in-house fabrication & machining capabilities to accommodate each product and industrial application.

Milling Northex TM UHMW
  • Suitable for both high-speed & conventional milling machines.
  • Coarse pitch cutters ensure the most efficient waste removal.

Drilling Northex TM UHMW
  • Northex TM can be drilled with virtually any drilling device.
  • Appropriate tools and coolants will eliminate the potential of over-heating the product.
Thread Cutting Northex TM UHMW
  • Threads can be cut with any metal thread cutting device.
  • Coarse threads provide the greatest strength.
Turning Northex UHMW
  • Lathes are the most common tool for this process.
  • Care should be taken to ensure safe waste removal during the process – the material is stringy and can “wrap”.
Planing Northex TM UHMW
  • Standard woodworking planing equipment with sharp carbide tipped blades is recommended.
  • Both sides of the product should be planed equally to avoid warpage.
Sawing Northex TM UHMW
  • Hand, circular, table or band saws may be used.
  • Coarse pitch blades are recommended for any cutting application.
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