Production Capabilities – OLD

Northern Plastics maintains a fully equipped modern machine and fabrication facility that allows us to produce dies, molds, fixtures and finished parts quickly and efficiently.

Our custom-cast facility offers numerous alternatives. Cast parts often reduce weight when replacing metal and save costs due to elimination of material waste. The wide-ranging formulations allow products to be adapted to a multitude of applications.

Plastic welding offers a wide variety of alternatives such as liners, troughs, bins, or general repairs to fractured items.

Modern CNC equipment allows us to consistently machine parts with the highest precision and quality.

Since 1980, Northern Plastics has specialized in the extrusion of standard and custom UHMW shapes such as wearstrip, channel, rod and tube.

Compression molded parts from UHMW eliminate machining and costly material waste.

Milling Northex™
Suitable for both high-speed & conventional milling machines. Coarse pitch cutters ensure the most efficient waste removal.

Drilling Northex™
Northex can be drilled with virtually any drill device. Appropriate tools and necessary coolants will eliminate the potential of over-heating the product.

Thread Cutting
Threads can be cut with any metal thread cutting device. Coarse threads provide the greatest strength.

Turning Northex™
Lathes are the most common tool for this process. Care should be taken to ensure safe waste removal during the process.

Planing Northex™
Standard woodworking planes c/w sharp carbide tip blades are recommended. Both sides of the product should be planed equally.

Sawing Northex™
Hand, circular, table or band saws - Coarse pitch blades are recommended for any cutting application.

The unique properties of Northex™ Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW - PE) combine to make it one of the most versatile and resilient products on the market.

Northex™ is available in a variety of product configurations for virtually any industrial application.

Northern Plastics offers advanced in-house fabrication & machining capabilities to accommodate each product and industrial application.