Acetal materials typically offer improved dimensional stability vs. UHMW or Nylon where parts are subject to temperature variation or exposed to water. Acetal has relatively high compressive strength and can operate at temperatures up to 180oF.

Northex Acetron GP is a general purpose copolymer and the only porosity-free product available today. It is the preferred acetal for food contact and medical applications.

Acetron GP natural is FDA, USDA, NSF, Canada Ag and 3A-Dairy compliant.

Northex Delrin - AF Blend is a unique thermoplastic material blend of PTFE fibers dispersed uniformly in Delrin acetal resin. Used for moving parts where low friction and long wear life are important.

Northex Delrin is a homopolymer acetal that offers slightly higher mechanical properties than Acetron GP Acetal, but contains a low density center, especially in larger cross sections.

Ideal for small diameter, thin-walled bushings that benefit from the additional strength and rigidity of homopolymer acetal.

Northex Delrin AF 100 - Unblended Delrin AF offers slightly higher limiting PV and lower coefficient of friction due to additional PTFE content. Northex Delrin AF100 is available on a custom order basis.

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  • Bearings and bushings
  • Electrical Components.
  • Gears
  • Rollers