Northane Polyurethane

Tough, resilient NorthaneTM polyurethane products offer tremendous value and cost saving potential. Polyurethane is a high flex life and tear strength material with excellent durability and high impact, abrasion, and solvent resistance. It performs well from -800 F to +2000 F.

Cast NorthaneTM products are available in hardnesses from 60A - similar to a car tire - through to 75D, almost as hard as Nylon. It is used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications such as sorter parts, shock pads, trunnion wheels, and bushings.

Northern Plastics offers custom casting and in-house mold design and production. Our experienced staff can assist with design, prototypes, and production solutions.

The Product Category links provide an overview of our more popular polyurethane products. Printable detail information is also available. Our Technical Information area provides more in-depth information on Material Properties, Chemical Resistance, and other helpful data.

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 Product Categories


  • Sorter Components
  • Trunnion Wheels
  • Roll Coverings
  • Norzorb Anti-rebound Bumpers
  • Feed & Skate Wheels
  • Bearings & Bushings
  • Custom-Cast parts