Nylon is an extremely versatile material, available in a wide range of Grades to suit specific applications. Characteristics include high load and speed capability, self-lubrication, and low coefficients of friction.

Nylon can be easily machined using standard metalworking equipment. Typical applications are bearings, gears, sprockets, wear pads, and sheaves. Stock shapes include sheet, rod, and tube.

Some of our most widely used Grades are:

Northex 101-Natural (FDA approved) High rigidity and melt temperature.

Northex 901 Heat stabilized with long-term thermal stability to 260° F.

Northex GS has graphite fillers for strength and rigidity.

Northex GSM with Moly-Disulphide particles for higher loads, with good impact resistance.

Northex GSM BLUE has a blend of MOS2 and oil to improve load-bearing, impact, and friction properties.

Northex Endura and Endura –XL are the best bearing and wear nylons on the market today. Proprietary solid lubricant additives yield high pressure/velocity capability and superior wear.

Other Grades and Types are available.

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