Trade Name Cross Reference

Many similar products from different manufacturers are known by their own Trade Names. The chart below offers a guide to help cross-over product names and applications.

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Trade Name Cross Reference Information
NP ProductsTrade NamesApplications
Northex™ - UHMW
Rod, Tube, Sheet, Flytes, Extrusions, Machined Parts
Ramex®, Redco®, Tivar®, Polystone®, Gardur®, Ultra Clad®, Impax, Lennite®, Polyfend®, Quicksilver®, Dura Surf, Duravar, Hi-Viz, Hy-Pact®, Polyslick, Polysteel®, Synsteel®Wearstrip, channel, conveyor liners, bushings, rollers, sheaves, guides, troughing, slides
Northex™ - HDPE
Marine Board, Arena Board, Staple Discs, Multi Track, Envirocap
Symsheet®, Boatboard®, Starboard®, Colorboard®, Polycarve, Resinol®, Ripolen, Spartec, Densitec, Sanalite, Tuff Sheet / Puck BoardCutting boards, swim grids, arena liners, silo liners, chemical tanks, signs, boat parts, barn wall liners, storage bins
Northex™ - Acrylic
Sheet, Rod
Lucite®, Plexiglas®, Perspex®, Acrylite®, Crylex™, Duraplex®, Excelon, PolycastWindows, skylights, displays, covers, signs, holders, shields, bins
Northex™ - Polycarbonate
Sheet, Rod
Lexan®, Margard®, Tuffak®, Vivak®, Ensicar®, Excelon, Hyzod®Safety shields, operator cabs, skylights, signs, protective covers
Northex™ - Polyurethane
Rod, Tube, Sheet, Custom Cast Parts, NorZorb (anti-rebound pad)
Redco®, Adiprene®, Vibrathane®, Planthane, Pleitech™, Permathane, Versathane®, Airthane®, Diamondback®, Thordon®, SPS 2000Roll coatings, hopper linings, wheels, rollers, shock pads, bushing stock, bearings, brackets, wear parts, shaker springs, anti-rebound pads, sprockets, hooks
Northex™ - Nylon
Cast, Extruded, Sheet, Rod, Tube, Flytes, Plate, Profiles, Special Formulations
MC901®, Nylatron GSM®, NSM, 101, GS, Ertalon®, Vekton®, Nycast™, Oilamid, Sustamid®, Zellamid®, Nylatech®, Ensilon®, Tuffkast®, Redco®, NyloilGears, sprockets, bearings, bushings, guides, wear pads, slide pads, rollers, sheaves, guide wheels, thrust washers, scrapers
Northex™ - Acetal
Sheet, Rod, Tube
Acetron GP®, Delrin®, Ertacetal®, Ensital®, Pomalux®, Sustarin®, Zellamid 900®Gears, sprockets, bearings, bushings, guides, rollers, food applications, wet applications
Northex™ - Laminate
Rod, Sheet, Flytes, Extrusions, Machined Parts
Micarta®, BL400, Spaldite®, Ryertex®, Robco®, Acculam™, Okort®, Phenolite, Tufnol, DuragydeGears, wear plates, shear boards, saw guides, electrical parts, insulators, standoffs, washers, friction parts
Northex™ - PTFE
Sheet, Rod
Teflon™, Flourosint™, F.E.P., Starlon, RulonBushings, gaskets, packing seals, rings, washers, high heat and chemical environments