Pulp Friendly Metal Profiles

NorthexTM Metal-ex is a metal-filled UHMW material designed to address the concern of plastic contamination in wood chips for Kraft pulp processing.

Special additives allow NorthexTM Metal-ex to exhibit greater specific gravity so it can be separated from wood pulp in solution. In addition, the fillers in NorthexTM Metal-ex are metal detectable.

UHMW’s low friction and excellent wear characteristics reduce friction, noise, and power requirements, and extend chain life.

Metal-Ex is available in a variety of Chanex and box tube sizes. Most sizes are stocked in 10 ft lengths. Typical applications include Chain Wearstrips and Drag Chain Flytes.

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Pulp Friendly Metal Profiles

Features & Benefits:

  • High specific gravity 1.8 (Sinks)
  • Activates metal detectors (In most cases)
  • UV stabilized
  • Retains all other features of Virgin UHMW

Details, dimensions and Material Properties can be found in the Product Brochure.

Custom cutting, machined details, and pre-drilling for weld washers are available.