UHMW Installation

UHMW PE is an excellent low-friction material for lining chutes, hoppers, and wear surfaces.

For best results, it is important that UHMW sheet or wearstrips be securely fastened to the substrate. Thermal expansion and contraction of the material will create significant force that tries to move the sheet. The thermal expansion coefficient of UHMW is approximately 10X that of steel.

Proper selection and spacing of fasteners according to the sheet thickness will overcome this force and hold the sheet flat against the substrate. Improper fastening will result in surface ripples and gaps where sections are joined. Surface ripples will show excessive wear.

It is recommended that sheets be held in place with mechanical fasteners. Northern Plastics offers 2 sizes of weld washers and spade bits (see Weld Washer Brochure) for this purpose.

Other types of fasteners can also be used. Some installations can also benefit from beveled or overlapped joints. Detailed information is available in our Installation Fact Sheet pdf.